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Feb 7-17, 2025 • Laurier Park

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iHuman Installation Partnership: The Wind and Sleep

January 4, 2024

This installation was created in 2024 by a team of artists at the iHuman Youth Society. iHuman Youth Society is a non-profit that believes all young people have gifts to share. In partnership with marginalized young people, iHuman amplifies their creative expression, addresses their needs, and supports goals that privilege their voices. Every marginalized young person deserves to feel welcomed, connected, and valued. Without their wisdom and creativity, our future is less vibrant. 

This work of art is a response to the play The Wind and Sleep by Amena Shehab and was commissioned by the Silver Skate Festival in 2023 with support from the Edmonton Arts Council. 

Creation Process

The team of artists began by considering two stories by Amena Shehab: The Twin and The Wind and Sleep. The latter resonated most and they decided to create in response to it. They felt the image of a little girl and a tent in Shehab’s story evoked the homelessness crisis and encampment evictions going on in Edmonton. The installation thus depicts a local version of the girl with her doll with her tent, which, in Shehab’s original, is set in a refugee camp. The work thus connects the hyper-local to the global.

In addition to the sculptural elements of figure, doll, and tent, the artists have integrated the written word. On the inside of the tent they have written “3170 people in Edmonton without homes.” In addition to this figure, the artists have integrated original poetry into the installation. These concise, impactful statements are deeply personal expressions of their own lived experiences in connection to the themes of the piece.

The artists were also inspired by another Silver Skate installation created by a collective from the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. Their use of UV (“glow-in-the dark”) light and paint was an homage to the success of another work at a previous festival as well as a technique for adding visual dynamics after dark.

This creative process was an opportunity for almost a dozen youth to work together to envision and execute a collaborative creative project to share with the public.

The team of artists consisted of Noel Baldwin, Dave Bhagat, Tiffany Cross, Dakota Delaney, Dominic Giroux, Elijah Glenn-Robinson, Jessica Jonas, Sarah Lyver, Harmony Medina, Luke Millan, and Brock Vansen.

Noel Baldwin:

Edmonton artist who has been living in the city for 7 years. Inspiring others through art and music.
Local Artist that loves giving back to the community.

Brock Vansen:

I worked in mental health advocacy throughout highschool and am currently attending Athabasca University. My preferred art form is gouache.

Luke Millan:

I’m 24, half Japanese and interested in fashion. I took Foods & Fashion in middle school and enjoyed it.

Harmony Medina:

I like anime, art and fashion

Sarah Lyver:

I’m a 24 year old female artist whose main focuses are crochet and wood working.

Dave Bhagat:

I am the type of person who gets excited over small things. I like to spend time alone. I’m also quite hard working, depending on my mood. If I want to do something, I finish it in a day. I’m pretty chill and I like to joke a lot.

Jessica Jonas:

Hi, I’m Jessica, I’ve been tattooing for 1 month. I love animals and watching Blue Bloods.

Elijah Glenn-Robinson:

I am a 13 year old kid that loves art and lives life without too many friends. I love basketball and reading as well as games.

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