Silver Skate Festival

Pembina Family Fun Zone

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Snow Build Zone

Our site crew has made some snow blocks for you. Show us your creativity and build them up how you like!

Weekdays 5pm-8pm
Weekends 1pm-5pm

Snow Mounds

Start simple and create a masterpiece. Our snow mounds are a blank slate for your artistic vision.

Weekdays 5pm-8pm
Weekends 1pm-5pm

Skate Canada Figure Skating Demonstrations

Witness a dazzling on ice demonstration by Skate Canada .

Sunday, February 13 2pm-3pm
(Sorry, cancelled due to ice conditions)

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

Fairy Finding weaves whimsy and folklore together to create innovative experiences that the whole family will enjoy. 

From spellbinding live action treasure hunts to enchanting roving encounters, Fizzlewit (Rupert Appleyard) adds a magical sparkle to every occasion.

The brainchild of internationally acclaimed entertainer and artist Rupert Appleyard, Fairy Finding has been creating magic since 2016.

Be sure to find Fizzlewit at this year’s Silver Skate Festival and who knows what fairy folk you might find too!

Weekends 1pm-5pm

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

The Moveable Feast: Meet Mr. & Mrs. White – a mystical, silent, ghostly couple dressed in white, strolling through the crowd. Have your photo taken with them as they search for the perfect picnic spot to indulge in their invisible picnic at the Silver Skate Festival on Family day, February 21!

Linda Karenko and Darrin Hagen are the performers behind the makeup. They have been presenting these characters for the past decade at various festivals and events throughout Alberta – summer and winter.

Canada Wildlife Federation

Dee (The Chickadee) and Maggie (The Magpie) are hatchlings from this past spring, and it’s their first ever winter. During the first snowstorm of the year they are blown all the way across the River Valley, far away from their home at Cloverdale Food Forest. They meet each other while sheltering from the storm in the same tree and team up to make the journey home to Cloverdale together. Along the way, they meet and learn from other winter wildlife how to survive winters in Edmonton better. They also learn how humans can help urban wildlife to survive & thrive in the winter.

Join in the fun and follow along with the story by visiting 5 ‘story stations’ and completing activities inspired by the story. With each activity you complete you will find out a letter of the alphabet. After you’ve completed all the stations and collected all the letters you can rearrange them to reveal a secret message. Get your map to start the adventure at the WILD Outside booth.

Weekends 1pm-5pm
(Cancelled for Sun 13 Feb)

Live Life Outdoors!
Celebrate Canadian winter. Embrace the joys of healthy outdoor play when temperatures drop below zero!

Click here for more more outdoor fun ideas courtesy of the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

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