Silver Skate Festival

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Feb 7-17, 2025 • Laurier Park

Edmonton's longest running winter festival!

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3rd Canadian Division, Canada’s Army of the West

3rd Canadian Division

Canada’s Army of the West

Objective: Survival

For more than 100 years, the formations and units of Western Canada—and our 3 rd Canadian Division team—have made continuous contributions to the defence of Canada. From the safeguarding of the Pacific and the Arctic shores through to the remote, isolated regions of James Bay, we operate in cold weather environments year-round.

Approximately 5,800 Regular Force soldiers, 5,300 Reserve Force soldiers, 3,000 Canadian Rangers and 1,000 DND Civilians are employed under our command, each playing their part in the Canadian Army’s readiness and deployability. We are on guard to protect Canadians at home or overseas, and to do so effectively, we must be prepared for anything—including extreme weather.

See the Canadian Armed Forces kinetic demonstrations just west of the Info Tent!

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In the coldest of conditions, the first objective is to survive. Without proper survival training and winter gear, it would be extremely difficult for an armed force to be successful in northern or remote locations. 3 rd Canadian Division’s size and geographic makeup is unique to the Canadian Armed Forces, allowing us to train year-round in the cold and snow with some of Canada’s best survivalists, the Canadian Rangers. Different requirements of service in any operation means that our members often have specialized training unique to their trade, so we routinely conduct winter warfare training exercises to enable our soldiers to be able to rapidly deploy and quickly move in extreme weather conditions while ensuring they have a warm place to sleep and adequate equipment to adapt to the challenges of their environment.

Part of the Canadian Army MP Group, 1 Military Police Regiment employs close to 300 Regular and Reserve members as part of their policing mandate for Western Canada. 1 MP Regt plays an integral role when 3 rd Canadian Division is called upon to assist with natural disasters, humanitarian responses, or the defence of Canada and its allies. Like all Army members, they must be ready to provide professional police, security, and custody services when and wherever they are needed.

41 Service Battalion is a Canadian Army Reserve combat service support unit that trains to provide field units under combat conditions with transportation, supplies, and maintenance. Soldiers serving in both Calgary and Edmonton offer critically important logistics support to all Alberta-based Army Reserve units during domestic operations and major training events. To be prepared to achieve success no matter the weather, 41 Service Battalion trains in the use of specialized cold/snow equipment and vehicles.

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment is a Primary Reserve infantry unit, affectionately referred to as the “Loyal Eddies”. Though they are part of Alberta’s 41 Canadian Brigade Group, they are stationed in both Edmonton and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and are the only Canadian Army infantry soldiers permanently located in the Arctic. The unit focuses their cold weather training on providing infantry soldiers with the skills required to survive in the frigid north.

3rd Canadian Division

Our kinetic demonstrations involve the set-up and tear down of 5- or 10-person winter tents, which are typically carried by toboggan along with a variety of other essential pieces of equipment. When a group of soldiers are operating in extreme winter weather conditions, toboggans are easy for them to move over snow and ice, either on foot or by snowmobile.

3rd Canadian Division

Visitors will have a chance to see how members live while operating in winter conditions by stepping inside our tents and learning how we prepare our meals in the frozen tundra of northern Canada. Various types of equipment used to keep tents and soldiers warm in extreme weather conditions will also be showcased up close.

3rd Canadian Division

If a life of adventure as shown by our team proves to be of interest, information tables from various Canadian Armed Forces elements can provide additional details about trade-specific winter survival and speak to career opportunities within the Canadian Armed Forces.

“1 Military Police Regiment is proud to represent the CAF and 3rd Canadian Division at this year’s Silver Skate Festival. We have an enduring commitment to community engagement, and look forward to highlighting the Military Police and its provision of professional frontline policing and close support to the Canadian Army, wherever they may be operating.”
- Maj Jeremy Smith, 1 MP Regt CO.

Canadian Armed Forces: Three Environments, One Force3rd Canadian Division, Canada’s Army of the West
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The mission of the Silver Skate Festival Society is to provide a free family-oriented winter celebration blending sport, recreation, arts and culture, showcasing various skating disciplines and promoting outdoor activities in Alberta.

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